15th Annual Homelessness Marathon

15th Annual Homelessness Marathon

On Wednesday February 22nd, 2017, Local 107.3 FM in Saint John, NB will host the 2017 Homelessness Marathon.  Having aired the annual overnight radio marathon for a number of years, we are proud to take the opportunity to organize this year’s broadcast.

This year marks the 15th annual Homelessness Marathon, a yearly overnight radio broadcast shared on campus and community stations from coast to coast, creating linkages and raising awareness of homelessness in Canadian communities.

The Marathon began in 1998 in Geneva, New York and the 19th annual Homelessness Marathon was held in January at WMPG in Portland, Maine. The concept moved north to Canada 15 years ago with CKUT-FM in Montreal as the host station who took the reins for 11 years. The marathon has begun rotating hosts across Canada in recent years including Edmonton, Kingston, and Abbotsford.

The 2017 marathon will air on 17 broadcasters representing 6 provinces and will feature local and national programming including 30-minute to two-hour segments. Topics will include the displacement of homeless populations, organisations and community members who provide resources, and in depth portraits of individuals who have experienced homelessness.

This year’s broadcast will last 11 hours, starting on Wednesday February 22nd, 2017 at 7 PM (AST) and running until Thursday, February 23rd at 6 AM (AST). Regular Local-FM programming will be pre-empted for the entirety of the broadcast, airing instead public forums, pre-recorded stories, and other content from community broadcasters.

Brian Cleveland

January 31st, 2017

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