Are you looking to target a specific, and relatively untapped, alternative audience? While Local 107.3fm has diverse and varying programming, we attract a specific audience that includes 3000 UNB Saint John students as well as a general population that cares about local businesses and issues. As a non-profit campus-based community radio station, we operate on a shoe-string budget that allows our organization to offer high-value advertising opportunities to local businesses we care about and support at reasonable prices.

Spots generally air 5 times/day during peak hours and only weekday spots count towards this total. Any spots played outside of peak hours and on weekends are considered a bonus. Our licensing limits our advertising to 4 minutes per hour giving our advertisement prime placement and keeping your message from getting lost in a swath of spots.

For more information (including rates), email Glen Swarnadhipathi or call 506-648-5667.