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2016 Releases By Saint John Musicians

2016 Releases By Saint John Musicians

Do you need a refresher on 2016 releases to vote in this year’s Best of Saint John Music Poll? Here’s what we’ve collected and recall. Did we miss a release? E-mail

1995 Zellers – “family restaurant”

Adam Washburn & The Elements – “Lift Me Up”

Bad People – “You’re This Close”

Balaclava – “Tour Demo EP 2016”

Brother Faye – “Brother Faye”

Bustin’ – “Crystal Clouds”

Dye Pack – “Make A Mess”

Elephant Skeletons – “The Traveller pt​.​I”

FWLR – “Outsider”

Heavy Seas – “Mirage”

Isaiah Lightning – “Starry Crown”

Jessica Rhaye – “Song In Me”

Papal Visit – “A Little Further Down The Flame”

Right Shitty – “Bachelor of Arts”

Shrimp Ring – “Humanity’s Last Hope”



The Boyer Bunch – “Not Singin’ The Blues”

The Honeyboys – “The Honeyboys”

The Not So Dandy-Lions – “Rough Translation”

The Tasty Wangs – “The Tasty Wangs Go Goth”

Tomato/Tomato – “I Go Where You Go”

Tooth & the Fang – “Void, moving without having moved.”

Usse – “Cancelled Crop”

Usse – “In Through Beyond​/​Maximilian, Help Me”

Yes/Now – “Yes/Now”

Brian Cleveland

March 20th, 2017

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