Call for FLOURISH Participants

Call for FLOURISH Participants

With the support of Local-FM and FLOURISH Festival, Local 107.3FM Women’s Collective is calling for participants in the collective’s group portraiture project, Likeness.

Participants will receive the name of another artist and will produce a portrait of them. You’ll be provided with a buffet of art supplies and a 30.4” by 30.4” canvas. Artists can cut, sculpt, collage, paint, re-sculpt, draw, potter, or any other medium that suits them to capture their subject.

The bulk of the completion of the portraits will be created over a sleepover studio event where we will gather, talk, laugh, dance and create. There’s a $5 fee to contribute to supplies and pizza; however, those interested but unable to pay shouldn’t hesitate to contact us.

The pieces will be presented at the 2017 FLOURISH music and art festival in Fredericton NB. To participate, contact with your name and any questions you might have about the project. Deadline to become a participating artist is January 15th.

Much love,

Robyn and Abigail

Brian Cleveland

December 7th, 2016

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