Collectives & Communities


Collectives are volunteer groups that collaboratively and flexibly develop content based around a set of core themes. If you’re interested in volunteering with Local FM but don’t have the time to commit to producing a regularly scheduled program then joining a collective might interest you!

Currently we operate two collectives; FEMCORE, which tackles issues regarding sexual and gender issues in Saint John, and the Spoken Word Collective, which is focused on creating and disseminating community news, as well as more creative pieces like radio plays and poetry.

Join a collective and volunteer alongside like-minded, similarly passionate individuals like yourself!



Communities are programs or projects that Local FM supports that are focused specifically on individual topics.

Are you passionate about literary arts and culture in Saint John? Then you should help support The Lorenzo Review, an online arts & culture publication produced by The Lorenzo Society. The Lorenzo society is a UNB-SJ campus based organization that holds poetry readings for students and visiting authors, present exhibits in the Art Gallery (Ward Chipman Library Building), and publish the student literary journal VOX. They also arrange performances by the Saint John String Quartet, UNB Saint John’s Musicians-in-Residence.

If your interests lean more towards the sporting sort, check out our hub for all things Seawolves related! We’re excited to bring our varsity athletics to the fore and encourage you to support our local athletes in their efforts! Seawolves Central features spotlights on teams, athletes, results, and reviews of games!