In the spring of 2016 Local-FM, with support from the Community Radio Fund of Canada, introduced its first ever member-operated collective; originally called a Women’s Collective, they soon rebranded and re-debuted as FEMCORE.

FEMCORE is a feminist radio show curated by its members and includes news, sports and interview segments. FEMCORE also operates a bookclub, and hosts a variety of events throughout the year.

FEMCORE aims to address the disparity facing gender & sexual minority populations in Saint John. It provides underrepresented and marginalized individuals with a space in which they can control and share their experiences.

If you’re interested in joining FEMCORE, and/or would like to added to the FEMCORE mailing list, please contact info@cfmh.ca.

You can check out FEMCORE’s Facebook page HERE.

Check out the FEMCORE Zine HERE!