FunDrive 2017: Midway report

FunDrive 2017: Midway report


Four Days In | Four Days Left

This year’s Funding Drive is nearly at the halfway point, and we’re glad to say that we’ve already received just over 20% of our stated goal! The FunDrive total currently sits at $1,153.95.

Thank you to all our listeners and supporters who have donated or pledged already. To everyone who’s planning on donating or pledging, remember that you can donate via cheque, cash, over the phone, and by credit card and PayPal online at  and with the donate button below.

The following four days sees us step it up a notch, with over 30 live programmers and guests scheduled over the next 4 days. Tune in to listen to some of the best Canadian tunes, a lot of local music, and some stories from our volunteers and staff about the importance of community produced and community focused radio.

Below is a list of the merchandise and incentives we’re offering in exchange for pledges. In addition to our incentives, individual DJs are offering incentives of their own devising, from Drew offering locks of hair for $50, Connie trading resume and CV building tutorials for $100, and even our station manager, Glen giving the highest donors the opportunity to pick what colour he dyes his hair. Tune in to hear more about these mad-cap antics on 107.3 FM and here, on!

Glen Ess

October 31st, 2017

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