Get Involved

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any campus and community radio station, and Local 107.3FM is no different. As a non-commercial operation run by people in your community, we could not keep the station running without our strong volunteer base.

It is not unusual for people working and volunteering at campus and community radio stations to have backgrounds in something other than broadcasting. No matter your skill level, Local 107.3FM welcomes one and all to a co-operative atmosphere.

Do you want to hear your voice and ideas on the airwaves?
Are you looking for volunteer work or radio experience to add to your resume and skill set?
Do you want to reach out to an audience of active listeners?
Do you have specialized skills (technical, promotional, fundraising, etc.) to share with a non-profit entity?

Please consider applying to volunteer at Local 107.3FM. Our doors are always open!

To apply for your very own radio program, here is the link to our Radio Program Application (PDF).

And while you’re checking that out, take a peek at our Local-FM Training Manual First Draft for a look at the bigger picture of being an on-air member of Local-FM (also PDF).

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