Join Us

Becoming a Local FM member is extremely easy! Our members are a diverse, passionate, and creative family, and we welcome all individuals to join it! To become a member all you’d need to do is complete the orientation session (plus training specific to the project(s) you want to be involved in), sign the membership agreement, and pay an annual fee of $25.

Our members are given access to a variety of resources, training, workshops, and other supports. We aim to provide members with the tools they need to succeed in all their endeavors!

Membership also gives you voting rights at our general
meetings, and all members are eligible to join various governing bodies (such as the Board of Directors, Programming Committee, and other committees that may be formed). You have a voice, and we encourage you to use it and make your mark on Saint John!

Here’s some of the volunteer opportunities we offer and the  experiences they provide!

Programming – Host a regularly scheduled program on our airwaves and share your passions with your community. Local FM’s programmers create a diverse range of musical and spoken word programs. Learn about broadcasting and production techniques, and practice your public speaking skills.

Distortion – Local FM publishes an arts & culture zine on a semi-regular basis. Distortion volunteers work with staff and other members to write and edit content, produce the zine, and update the website. Distortion is your gateway to learning about print media, and hone a journalistic skill-set.

Collectives: Collectives allow groups of individuals to collaboratively create content (both for broadcast and Distortion) around a broad enough theme. Currently Local FM offers to collectives:

FEMCORE – a feminist collective that discusses issues facing gender & sexual minorities in Saint John, and advocates for equality.
Spoken Word Collective – a collective of members who are interested in the creation of spoken word content in a variety of forms (such as poetry, radio plays, as well as news pieces and radio documentaries).

These collectives are a great way for you to engage with like-minded individuals on topics that matter to you and are flexible enough to work outside a regular schedule. Both collectives are operated and organized by members, with staff providing administrative support and resources as requested.

Music Library – Local FM receives anywhere from 10-25 musical submissions every week from across Canada. Our library is an ever-expanding collection independent, creative, content produced by emerging Canadian artists. By volunteering in Local FM’s music library you’ll be exposed to the newest musical waves sweeping the nation before they migrate into commercial radio, you’ll learn about cataloging, and library management, and your curation of our library will have a tangible effect on how Local FM sounds.

Production – Do you have an interest in audio-engineering and creating weird/wonderful pieces? You can totally do so by being a Local FM producer. Producers are tasked with creating cool sounding PSAs, Promos, and station IDs, and are also given the opportunity to work on other exciting projects; such as radio plays, live musical performances, and remote broadcasts.

Promotion – Radio involves a surprising amount of visuals. Promoters create and share graphics, logos, and posters for Local FM as a whole, as well as individual programs, projects, and events. Develop new ideas for Local FM Merchandise and branding. Learn how to use design software and build your portfolio of visual work. Local FM offers use of browser based software, as well as more intensive programs for graphic design.