Local 107.3FM Welcomes Three New Staff Members

Local 107.3FM Welcomes Three New Staff Members

Local 107.3FM has been recruiting a few new grant-funded staff positions over the last few weeks and we can ecstatically inform you that they all started their new roles today.

Feel free to reach out and say “hello!” They are here to learn from our programmers and listeners and will work to support everyone’s efforts.
Glen Swarnadhipathi
Volunteer Support Coordinator
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“Super excited to be here in the gorgeous city of Saint John! I’m from Abbotsford, British Columbia and I’ve spent the last five years at CIVL 101.7FM (the station that swept the sports awards at this year’s NCRC). During that time I was a DJ, sat on the board of directors, and was part of the staff. I’ve seen a lot of exciting work done by volunteers and it’s always a pleasure to see someone produce great radio, or connect deeply with the local communities. I hope that together we can do just that! I look forward to meeting all of you.”
Julia Rogers
Community Outreach Coordinator
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“I’m very pleased to be joining the Local 107.3FM team for the next 30 weeks & I’m especially excited to meet all of you! I was born and raised in Saint John and identify primarily as a fierce advocate for this city and our shared province. Over the past few years, I’ve studied Film & Television Production in Toronto, delivered motivational speeches to over 30 000 high school students on behalf of Me to We and Free The Children, and hiked 7000 kilometres through America and New Zealand. Now, I can be spotted in one of three places: on the UNBSJ campus, on duty at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre, or at Picaroons on Canterbury. Cheers!”
Ryan Harley
Marketing & Promotions Assistant
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“Ryan is an Honours English student at UNBSJ and the Marketing & Promotions Assistant here at Local-FM for the summer. He is back in the Port City after an extended hiatus in Sackville NB, where he worked for a number of community organizations. Ryan is currently listening to Daniel Romano’s Modern Pressure and looking forward to high-fiving BA Johnston at Callahan’s this Wednesday night.”

Brian Cleveland

June 19th, 2017

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