Programming Committee

Local FM’s Programming Committee is made up of experienced volunteers and programmers who help review, and strengthen our broadcast. The programming committee is empowered to:

  • Develop and administer broadcast and programming related policies.
  • Ensure that Local FM’s programming and programmers abide by CRTC regulation and Local FM policies.
  • Review and approve programs.
  • Conduct disciplinary actions/advise staff in these situations.

The committee currently consists of:

Drew Sweet (Chair)
Kelly Marino
Brandon Logan
Dr. Constance Van Horne
Kassy Orellana
Olivia Wagg
Abigail Smith
Jadesola Emmanuelle

In addition to this, the following staff members also attend programming committee meetings.
Julia Rogers – Program Director (non-voting)
Glen Swarnadhipathi – Station Manager (non-voting)

If you have any questions regarding our broadcast, programming, or policies relevant to those, please contact!
You can read minutes from previous programming committee meetings here!