Saint John releases – 2017

Check out all the albums released by Saint John musicians in 2017! We’ve provided links to the artists’ pages wherever possible. Please note that we only included full albums and EPs on this list, and not singles.

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Artists Album Genre
Ophelya Beast
Nasty Bones Over the Edge Electronic
The Grifters Voodoo Basement Trials Rock
Terminus Myth Metal
Gold Punks Error Bar Electronic
Math Class Hot Tubs in Space Electronic
Aryelle Morrison Stereotypical Pop
KILLDEVILS Black Moon Goons Punk
Butcher So I Can Go Away Punk/Rock
Little You, Little Me In Under Fourteen Highly Concentrated Minutes Punk/Rock
Provincial Camps Exaggerator Punk/Rock
Kylie Fox Balcony Folk
Sound Drown Dino Droppings Punk
PAPAL VISIT Golden Grove Rock
Usse 231 Experimental
Subtle Procrastinator Punk/Rock
FWLR Nick is R8 INto Tha Techno Electronic
Jamie Comeau About Face Folk/Pop
David R. Elliot Strawberry Grass Folk
Shrimp Ring Activate Your Function Electronic
1995 Zellers After Hours Electronic
Bonnet House Songs from Bonnet House Folk
Morticia Project The Morticia Project Rock
Sister Skull SSEP Experimental
Hix Sunburnt Tomatoes Folk
Jaguar Knight Unknown Futures Electronic
Burgundy Drive Burgundy Drive Rock
Aaron Grant Heartbreak Bullet Country/Rock
Elephant Skeletons The Traveller Electronic
SIRR Master Plan Experimental