New Station Manager Annoucment

Olivia wanted to say thank you to all Local FM contributors for being so wonderful to work with, She will be leaving her role as Station Manager on May 9th 2023. Our New Station Manager, Brandon Logan, began their training this week and will be taking over henceforth!


Brandon will continue to use the same email address (manager@cfmh.ca) so all correspondence can continue as normal! 

Below is some history about Brandon’s time with the station!



Brandon has been a dedicated volunteer at the station for about six and a half years. They have had many roles during that time.


They spent a lot of that time as a board member. They contributed as a general member, a secretary, and until getting hired, recently served as vice-chair. Brandon also operated as a Volunteer Music Director for many years. A role which saw them sorting and cataloguing the vast amount of mail sent into the office on a weekly basis. Both digitally, and physically.


Brandon previously held two part time contracts with the station as both a Radio Camp Coordinator and as a Special Projects Coordinator.


As Special Projects Coordinator they created a master document detailing every music release in Saint John in the lead up to voting for the Best of Saint John music awards. During this time they also reached out to several local businesses in the community to arrange free promotion during the difficult pandemic period. 


They attended the 37th National Campus and Community Radio Association’s yearly conference in Fredericton, and are looking forward in the future to re-connecting with other stations across the country.

Brandon Logan

April 26th, 2023

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