Member Resources

We aim to provide Local FM members with all the tools they need to succeed in C/C radio. The following list of resources have been developed with aid and support from the CRFC and NCRA. As we continue to develop, more items will become available.

1) The Basics

2) Workshops/Guides

3) MORE!

  • FEMCORE, The Zine!
  • An Intro to Anti-Oppression (developed during our first ever Anti-Oppression roundtable)
    Audio Part 1
    Local-FM had the idea to do an anti-oppression workshop since 2016. In early 2018 we formulated the idea of a panel/workshop which would feature many voices from our community. In part one of this recording you will hear information about the basic definitions related to Anti-Oppression (Stephanie Tierney, Local-FM & KWIR), Safe Space Policy (Abigail Smith, FEMCORE), Women & Community Radio (Abigail Smith, FEMCORE), the experiences Newcomers experience in Saint John (Sheri McAulay, PRUDE Inc.) and a basic introduction related to the disabled community (Jeff Sparks, Muscular Dystrophy Canada).

    Audio Part 2
    In the second part of the AO Panel you will hear from Mary LeSage (P.U.L.S.E.) about community policing and her own story about experiencing poverty, and then a brief introduction to Sensitivity & Inclusion for Transgender People (Stephanie Tierney, Local-FM & KWIR). These two segments are followed by tips on healing and improving in the way you interact with the World as well as tips on how to make your radio program more inclusive and cool! At the very end there is a Q&A period though it should be noted that the audio is slightly distorted.
  • KWIR – Resources for queer-identified individuals living in Saint John