“We Are Children Of The Stars”: Saluting Local FM Programmer & Spoken Word Collective Member David Carr

Local FM Programmer David Carr exited this realm on Tuesday, November 5th, 2019. I feel tremendously grateful to have known him and to have aired many of his beautiful poems on 107.3fm in 2018 & 2019.

I originally met David through Local FM programmer Chris Wanamaker, one of our Spoken Word Collective’s first and most enthusiastic members. David & Chris collaborated on a limited series titled, “The David Carr Show” wherein David read his poetry aloud and Chris spearheaded conversations about the various themes and messages held within David’s body of work.

Additionally, David & Chris collaborated on a Christmas special with Spearos Lahanas for our annual “Christmas Eve Extravaganza” on December 24th, 2018. David also participated in our Community Poetry Slam in 2019.

Most notably, David contributed three pieces to our Spoken Word Collective’s project, “Experiences: A Local 107.3fm Soundscape Collection” [produced by Shawn Goff].

In the coming weeks, we’ll curate a memorial program in David’s honour. In the interim, please listen to the three soundscapes linked below. These recordings will be remembered as David’s final and most awe-inspiring contributions to Local FM.

David Carr: Dangerous Greed

David Carr: No More Minutes

David Carr: Starchildren


Julia Eleanor Rogers, Local FM Station Manager & Program Director

“We are children of the universe. Know this: be proud, not prideful, for by oneself, we are nothing. As part of the whole, we are everything. We are nothing and, yet, we are everything. Look up at the stars, my children. You are looking at your home. For more than our petty minds, we are children of the stars, made from the same matter, returning again when we are done. We are all, every species, every creature that ever was, or will be: we are the starchildren.” – David Carr, 2019

Julia Rogers

November 6th, 2019

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