Album Review: The Nap Eyes – I’m Bad Now

Album Review: The Nap Eyes – I’m Bad Now

I’m Bad Now, the third album by the indie rock quartet, Nap Eyes takes the genre to an entirely new level.

The group (comprised of Nigel Chapman, Seamus Dalton, Josh Salter, and Brad “Bronson” Loughead) are based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia and have been performing together since 2011. Their third album manages to create a unique sound that is both laid-back and thought provoking.

Released on March 9th, I’m Bad Now presents listeners with poetic imagery, of the sort that is not overly common in this age of music. The band are ahead of their time lyrics-wise. Most of the songs in the album are fascinatingly lyric-driven, creating an intricate narrative that is both welcoming and inviting for listeners. Images of quiet and calm places are recurring throughout this album, such as in the song, “Follow Me Down” Where the singer depicts two people walking next to a body of water. This makes the album an excellent, and relaxing, assortment of songs to sink into.

Each song of this album has characteristics of its own, but the what links them together is the rhythm section of Salter and Dalton. Their powerful basslines and drumming drives the album forward. 

A very warm feeling is incorporated in the sound and lyrics in most of the songs of this album. The earnest theme of the album, “I’m Bad Now” can be best summarized in the lyrics of the chorus of the song “Every Time the Feeling:”

Oh I can’t tell what’s worse

The meaninglessness

Or the negative meaning

I figured out a way to get on with my life

And to keep on dreaming

These lyrics are inspirational and encouraging, whilst the driving rhythm of the song enhances the album and makes it an enjoyable listen, whether for leisure or reflection.

I’m Bad Now is greatly expanding on the indie-rock genre and is developing the perception of Maritime music in an undeniably positive way.


 By Heather Ellick

Glen Ess

April 10th, 2018

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