Quality Block Party

Quality Block Party

Local 107.3FM are proud sponsors of the upcoming Quality Block Party!

A new celebration of independent New Brunswick culture and talent, the Quality Block Party will bring together some of New Brunswick’s most talented artists for five days of music and mayhem during the 2017 East Coast Music Award Week in Saint John: April 26th-30th.

Reflecting on the breadth and passion of New Brunswick talent, this block party offers a supplement and added experience to the ECMAs to those living in Saint John and to friends visiting from away.

Music, art and speaker performances will take place all week in multiple Uptown Saint John businesses found on the Quality Block on Germain and Princess Streets. The amazing line-up already includes:

Julie Doiron, Motherhood, Little You Little Me, Galpines, The Squirts, Janowskii, Keith Hallett, Bad People, CHIPS, The Waking Night, Reagans Rayguns, Jane Blanchard, The Hypochondriacs, Owen Steel, Young Satan In Love, Beard Springsteen, Nerve Button, Right Shitty, Some Dads, Penny Blacks, Graeme Kennedy, Cellarghost, Math Class, Butcher, ER and the Other, Wrote, 1995 Zellers, plus more artists and events to be announced.

We can’t wait to bring you more details along the way!

Brian Cleveland

March 2nd, 2017

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